Angela Henderson was born and raised in the San Francisco Bay Area and now lives and works out of Hollywood, California.

Aside from being a model and former dancer for the Oakland Raiders, Golden State Warriors and artists such as Beyonce and Rhianna, Angela has an extensive background as a promotional model for over 9 years. Angela's experience includes; conventions, in store demonstrations,product sampling, hostess, crowd gathering, guerilla marketing, alcohol promotions, and fragrance and beauty sales. Angela's passion and enthusiasm for every job she conducts and her ability of maintaining a great professional attitude, is quickly circulating through out the promotional industry.

She is very excited to work with new clients as well as learn about new products. Angela enjoys the rewarding experience that each event brings. Angela knows how to appeal to consumers and generate interests for any brand. She goes the extra mile to understand the message behind every program she projects and makes sure to greet each customer with a up beat personality and friendly smile.

Angela is a great addition to ensure that your company's brand has a positive long lasting impression on each client.

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    Angela - We are looking forward to your contributions to Talent Envy!
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