I recently came across your job posting and I'd like to apply to be a GREAT addition to your team!
A little about me:
First off, I have a fantastic work ethic & I’m often identified as one off the hardest workers on a team.
You should hire me because I am not your average model--I am also very tech savvy!
I am proficient in PC operating systems, software & hardware, cell phones & wireless communication devices, and photographic and video equipment. I’ve done tons of photo and video recaps of events for a variety of clients which I always turn in BEFORE they’re due. I’m detailed, quality oriented, and always make sure that the brand I’m representing is showcased in the best light!
I have a background in Marketing and Sales, and my Bachelor’s degree is from the Georgia State University in Marketing.
I am the perfect blend of reliability & personality, always on time and self-motivated.
I’m diligent about looking out for ways to help, without needing someone to tell me what to do.
I am outgoing & articulate, great at gathering crowds & interacting with people; I’m not scared of approaching strangers!
I have 7 years under my belt in experiential marketing, sales, and managing, coordinating &
staffing events!
*** I specialize in coordinating and executing promotional events professionally and efficiently while keeping ROI and overall effectiveness top of mind. I also have an extensive amount of management experience. In my last position I managed a team of over 75 brand ambassadors and promotional models, and was responsible for the entire program from hiring&training to paperwork&payroll. Photos from events that I've planned, staffed, and coordinated can be forwarded to you upon request.
I never get lost driving to a job. I’m also not one to cancel or flake.
Please notice on my resume that I am booked repeatedly by the same marketing companies for good reason, because I am reliable!!
I have a college degree and I am a fast learner when it comes to learning about products & knowing how to articulate a product's key selling points.
I can hold a conversation about any subject matter! I have participated in a very wide range of promotions over my 7+ years of experience—working promotions for products ranging from wine & spirits to cell phones, coffee, candy, clothing & computer software!
I do not drink or smoke, or have any tattoos.
You will not be disappointed if you hire me…I’m always smiling and giving 110%!!
Thank you for your consideration!
Kaye Singleton

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