I'm 24 and I just moved to Las Vegas! I graduated with a Bachelor of Liberal Arts degree in Communication studies! I'm down to earth, reliable, easy to get along with, friendly, and honest! I'm ready to take on any challenges that are trown my way. I thrive on getting out and meeting new people! I love making new connections and new friends. I hope to one day travel all over the world because I feel like it's important to experience new cultures, people and places.  I also  enjoy reading, hiking and working out! Anything that gets me out and about I just love doing!

I hope to find work doing anything from promotional modeling, cocktail serving, print modeling, and everything in between! I have a good deal of experience in everything listed above. I have worked as a promo model since I was 18 at all kinds of different events! i have also modeled off and on since a very young age. When it comes to cocktail experience, I have worked at all kinds of bars, restaurants and clubs so I'm well prepared for any situation. All of this has lead me to have excellent customer service skills that are way above average. I know how to handle any and all situations! I hope to be working with you soon!

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