I am looking for more challenges in my acting career. I've mostly been cast as military and cop types and am trying to venture into new territory with more character driven and dramatic roles. Comedy, I would say is my niche, which I would love to continue doing. I am also interested in booking more commericals as my career goes on. I am multi talented in many trades such as impersonations, a variety of sports (played collegiate baseball and the ones listed above,) and would like to gain more print work as well. Aside from work, I like hiking, any outdoor sports, and going to the movies twice a week for solitude.

Personality wise I am a a straight shooter and a goofball with a good sense of people, hence why I enjoy taking on different characters. I am a great physical actor, but it is the character development which I want to continue developing my skills on. I am an expert in stage and screen combat and not only would I like to continue doing it, but teach as well. Currently, I am shooting an action film where I play the lead bad guy which is the still shot pictured in my album.  

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